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master self-love to feel worthy of an amazing life & partner


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All of the women I work with powerfully transform their self-esteem very quickly and often end up meeting an extraordinary man during the 6 months of coaching together. 
You have come to the right place if you are ready to grow into the extraordinary woman that will create a space for having the relationship of your dreams without having to compromise yourself or play any games.
Whether you’re:
Single and want a relationship now or later, are afraid of repeating the same patterns, OR of never finding someone great 
In a relationship with challenges you don't know how to work through
Wanting support with conscious un-coupling with your partner
Going through a break-up or divorce, want to heal and find yourself again
I'm totally confident I can help you, whether you’re aware of the patterns or not. Whether you feel like you’re doing everything right but are still struggling -or- whether you know you have some stuff to work through. I can help you.
Get the support you KNOW you need
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Imagine what it would FEEL like to:
Get to the bottom of what's not working and learn how to change it
Get clear on and heal the beliefs and unresolved wounds from the past that are preventing you from having the love you want 
Raise your self-esteem to new heights you didn't even know existed, which will transform your relationship to men, Love and most importantly YOU
Learn communication skills that will have you and your partner feel close, respected, loved, and supported
Become the amazing woman you know you came here to be that will have him love you with all his heart

The result of this process is living a life

in which you are empowered by EVERYTHING



You are worth MORE than gold, so helping you get there should be easy peasy. During our first session, we start getting to the bottom of what's really going on for you; we get you on the path toward having that deeply fulfilling loving relationship you deserve. 

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”   – Rumi

“The most enlightened prayer isn’t ‘Dear God, send me someone wonderful,’ but ‘Dear God, help me realize that I AM someone wonderful.’”  -  Marianne Williamson

"Everything happens FOR you, not to you."

- Byron Katie

"Healing is the application of Love to the parts that hurt inside."  

- Ron & Mary Hulnick, USM

"If you desire to know where your spiritual work lies, look to your emotional pain."
- Alan Cohen, "Wisdom of The Heart

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