My Story - why I chose to be a love coach


I came from a mother who had a very difficult relationship with men. When I was 18 years old, through a paternity test my new stepmom asked for, I found out my father wasn’t really my father. This news was incredibly heart-breaking, as his wife who I had been close to pushed me out of her heart.


To this day I don’t know who my father is and he doesn’t even know I exist. My mother was in love with a man and the only way she knew to keep him was by telling him I was his daughter. And it didn't work.


During my twenties, I followed in my mother’s footsteps by getting myself into one disempowering relationship after another, in which I would always give my power up in hopes of being loved. The result was being with controlling, verbally abusive men, or ones with substance abuse problems. I put up with A LOT and it never worked to get what I really yearned for.


After giving everything I had to make one more relationship work with a verbally abusive man I was with for a year, I still only received just a few crumbs of love in return. I was so confused because I really believed I was doing everything right but the relationship was still an embarrassment to discuss with my girlfriends.


I believed love was something that happened to some women, but not all women and decided love was never going to happen for me, so I completely gave up on love and dating. What was the point? It was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life to think I was going to be alone forever.


At the time I was in my first year of USM’s graduate program in spiritual psychology, which required so much soul-aligning work. I spent most of my spare time working on getting to the bottom of how I had contributed to all my disempowering relationships. My practice included a lot of meditation, deep belly cries, mirror work, writing, and really facing all the unhealed parts of me that I had been distracting away from with bad relationships.


I ultimately wanted to be truly HAPPY

with myself, without a man


Four months later, I had one of the most important insights of my life: that only I can make myself happy – not some guy! I jumped for joy and three days later I met a wonderful man who I was with for 3 years. This turned out to be the best relationship I had ever been in.


I went from the worse relationship of my life to the best one in four months. After this relationship, I fell in love with the man of my dreams. We later married and continue to enjoy a beautiful, healthy, thriving partnership together that blows us away every day.


By guiding women to the love they’ve always dreamed of (with themselves & an amazing partner), I get to share the gold I have found in my deep understanding of love. And it starts with you.



I’ve cracked the Love Code and am on a mission to guide other women to go from struggling to thriving in love.



My work is dedicated to helping women heal the patterns that get in the way of having the relationship of their dreams WITHOUT playing games or giving up who they are



I want you to know that regardless of your history, you too can work through anything getting in the way of having the love you dream of having. 

12 interesting things about me


1. I spent 8 months backpacking through Mexico and Central America in my early 20's 

2. I've gone skydiving and can't wait to do it again.

3. Music I love includes classical, Latin, old jazz, Bossanova, samba, cumbia, electronic, 50's & 60's rock and roll, disco, reggae, and Sanskrit.

4. I had a near-death experience as an adult which helped make peace with my own mortality.

5. I have a thing for classic Mercedes from the 80's & 90's. I've owned 3.

6. In high school, I dressed in neon from head to toe (no joke) and won "most unique" my senior year.

7. I've offered workshops at burning man & other music festivals

8. I eat natural organic healthy food and I read the label of everything I buy to make sure it nourishes my being.

9. For fun (and briefly for a living) I offered life readings, which people reported to be spot-on. Psychic abilities do run in my family and they help me do deeper work with my clients. Nothing flies under my radar.

10. Some of the most extraordinary experiences of my life are the result of taking leaps of faith to follow my intuition, even when it was super scary or it didn't make logical sense at the time. I live a deeply guided life & I love it!

11. Since I was a little girl I fantasized about ending up with the kindest man I ever met. Because I did not settle, I found him and married his ass in June 2016. Dreams really do come true! Blake is the best husband EVER.

12. My husband and I have a fantastic time together, we're hilarious to each other, and practice radical self-responsibility. We've never fought or had a heated argument, called each other names, or have given each other the silent treatment. And, we have our own temple (room).

Teaching at Lightning in a Bottle, a music, art, and conscious educational festival

My Educational Background 

I am a graduate of the spiritual psychology master's program at

the University of Santa Monica. USM defines spiritual psychology as:
The study and practice of the art and

science of human evolution in consciousness.

Evolution in consciousness is a progression from

ego-mind self-identification

~ TO ~

Knowing ourselves as the unchanging boundless Loving Essence within, which begins to guide our lives with LOVE.

My personal/professional path has also included the following mentors: Insight Seminars, Deer Tribe sweat lodges, Niurka Inc. NLP, Dr. Demartini's 30+ years of research in human behavior, Dr. Mark Waldman, Marisa Peer's RTT Hypnosis, Mary Morrissey coaching training, Brooke Castillo, Brendon Burchard, Rich Litvin,  John Assaraf, Amma, Francesca Gentille tantra studies, Landmark Education, Vipassana silent meditation retreats, South American Indigenous plant medicine. I've mentored under Fleur and Robin Clark to hone my psychic and mediumship skills, and am a member of the Agape International Spiritual Center.


Because my life is dedicated to personal and professional mastery, I always have a few mentors I work with simultaneously, at various capacities. Therefore, my work is always evolving and deepening. Every year I invest tens of thousands of dollars into my own personal growth, healing, and empowerment.

I am a student of EVERYTHING I teach my clients.  

To find our soulmate, we must first BE our own soulmate. We must become the embodiment of the love we seek, in order to create it with someone else. Otherwise, if greater love {than the one we have inside} comes our way, we won't feel worthy of it and we will sabotage it.

Gemini Ferrie

My primary relationship is with myself. All others are mirrors of it. As I learn to love myself, I automatically receive the love and appreciation that I desire from others. If I am committed to myself and to living my truth, I will attract others with equal commitment. My willingness to be intimate with my own deep feelings creates the space for intimacy with another.

Shakti Gawain

Los angeles Dating Love Relationship Coach for Women

When a woman becomes her own BEST friend life is easier.

Diane Von Furstenberg


Self-worth is so vital to your happiness. If you don't feel good about YOU, it's hard to feel good about anything else.

Mandy Hale

Date men who are WOW'd by you, who think you're so interesting they don't want the date to end. 

― Gemini Ferrie

True, lasting, reliable SECURITY is an internal state of being generated intentionally by our own deep LOVE and support. Security is not a person, place, or

any f-ing thing.

― Gemini Ferrie

Contrary to popular belief: Being in Love is NOT enough to create a beautiful healthy relationship. Compatibility, emotional maturity, and mutual radical personal responsibility are


― Gemini Ferrie

I don't allow my ideal mate to find me
While I keep myself small and play weak
I conceal all my Glory and hide all my Grace
Behind the pretense of "I'm not good enough"
Amidst the refuse of cultivated unworthiness 
How could I expect you to see me 
If invisible is how I choose to remain
How will you know that it's me when we meet 
If I'm playing the part and donning the mask
Of the one who must prove herself and seek validation
For you know the REAL me

The Queen of Love and Beauty and Grace 
She is the one who need never demonstrate
The truth of who and what she really is
So I've tricked you into believing I'm not who I am
Pass me by, you may well do
And who is to blame

I've fooled myself into forgetting
The Truth of my Light
And I would never want you to settle for less
For the King that I desire 
Is Infinitely Worthy

Of a Queen in her power
A Queen who knows who she is
For when She knows
Beyond hesitation or doubt
She knows who He is
And in their perfect reflection 
Of Divine union Infinity
Their Love is the void 
For all lovers to see
The Radiant Light 
Of their own Destiny!

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