There are 2 ways to work with me:

I only commit to working with people who are truly ready to invest time, energy, and money into working with a coach. This means being a FULL YES to receiving the extensive support, encouragement, and guidance you know is vital to creating lasting change in your Love Life.


For new clients - we begin with an 80min session, which is offered at the special rate of $160 - the solo session investment goes up after this. At the end of that first session, it will be clear to us whether it makes sense to continue working together on your goals long-term for a minimum of 12 sessions.

The Love + Happiness 12 Session Package - for 1 person

$2400 or 3 payments of $850. Sessions can be done over 3 or 6 months

- 12 Sessions - 80min/ea  

- Light email support 

- Homework practices 

- Reading+listening recommendations 

*Bonus if paid in full: 3 spot coaching sessions (10min/ea)

The Love + Happiness 3-Month Coaching Package

For Couples. $3500 or 3 payments of $1222. 

1st Month

- (1) 2hr session for each person

- (1) 80min joint session 

- (3) 50min follow-up sessions for each person

- light email support 


2nd Month

- (1) 80min joint session 

- (3) 50min follow-up sessions for each person

- light email support   


3rd Month

- (1) 80min joint session 

- (3) 50min follow-up sessions for each person

- light email support

*Bonus if paid in full:  2 - 10min spot coaching sessions for each person

A La Carte Support

For those who cannot commit to the 12 session minimum

Solo Intensives

full day - $995

1/2 day - $575


Solo Sessions 

80min session - $250 

50min session - $180 


*for joint sessions add $20 to the 50min and 80min session.

*Couples must have attended at least one solo session before being able to schedule a joint session.


 *These rates will be going up in the near future so if you feel drawn to working with me, I invite you to honor your guidance by submitting a message via the contact page.  

If you still need support after this, you can continue onto my monthly coaching club. This is a month-to-month commitment and payment is due monthly.


Option 1 - $400 or $800 per month 

2 or 4: 80min sessions a month 


Option 2 - $250 or $500 per month

2 or 4: 50min sessions a month 


Option 3 - $125 per month

1: 50min session per month


Included in all options:

light email support

homework practices

reading+listening recommendations 

When we don't give to ourselves the love, support, and validation we need from ourselves, we try to get a man to be the source of these basic needs. We abandon ourselves for them, which puts strain on the relationship. And, we become slaves to that person, putting up with behavior that doesn't work for us. Solution: be willing to be the main source of your happiness.

- Gemin Ferrie

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