RTT Hypnotherapy Sessions

Overcome profound personal issues super fast,

with a method that has made a significant difference for countless A-List clients that include international superstars, CEO's, Royalty, and Olympic athletes in just 1-3 sessions!


Carrie, 62, from Davis, CA was a shy, withdrawn woman who never had a voice her whole life. Growing up she was told to be quiet. Everyone's needs always came before hers. She's been a court transcriber for over two decades, documenting everyone else's voice but not sharing her own. After her RTT hypnosis session, she came to life! Two months later she led a group of 25 people on having a voice!

       More results from my clients after 1 session:

  • Susie had money issues all her life, which stemmed from watching her parents fight about money. 3 weeks after her session she had a $7000 week.

  • Blake had terrible insomnia since he was 5 years old. It would take him hours to fall asleep. 3 weeks after his session he's consistently falling asleep within 15min. The root cause of the insomnia was related to feeling he did not have control over his life.

  • Emma had unexplainable swelling & pain in her throat and body. Doctors couldn't figure it out. All tests were normal. The day after her session she reported feeling 95% better. 3 weeks later, her progress remains. The root cause was not having a voice due to being judged by her mother growing up, so her body was screaming what she wasn't saying with words.

  • Gloria felt invisible & without a voice all her life. She was quiet, people pleasing, not wanting to disagree with others. As the youngest of 5, trying to have a voice was nearly impossible among her siblings. After her session, she described her experience as an awakening and realization that she was not invisible. She found herself having a voice for the first time; sharing her thoughts and opinions with others, even if they were different from hers. 

  • Margarette was unclear about her career direction, resulting in confusion and lack of motivation, coupled with never having felt loved by her mother. A few weeks after her session she reported crystal clarity on her life purpose and massive motivation toward it. And for the first time, her mother told her she loved her and how proud she was of her for following her heart.

What is RTT?

RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy, is an incredibly effective hypnotherapy approach that was evolved over 3 decades by Marisa Peer, best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Leading Celebrity Therapist & Pioneering Hypnotherapist Trainer. Her evolved hypnotherapy method has consistently helped thousands of clients transform life-long emotional/physical issues in 1-3 sessions.  Marisa Peer explains RTT

Will I stay Awake?

Yes. RTT/Hypnosis is a sleep of the nervous system. You don’t actually go to sleep. You are fully aware and relaxed into a deeper level of yourself and you are in charge.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. That’s a myth. You have complete control the entire time. You are talking and dialoguing with me throughout the session.

What does it feel like?

It feels different for different people.  Mostly it is a feeling of deep relaxation and ease.  For some, it’s a sleepy, floating sensation.

Will I remember everything that happens in the session?

Yes because you will be awake.

While in hypnosis, can you make me do/say something I don't want to?

No, you will remain in full control over your experience and behavior. If I ever suggest something that does not fully resonate, you will be able to voice it even more powerfully because under hypnosis, you have more control, clarity, and power available to you.

More Powerful Option

Typically, it'll take 1-3 sessions for the issue you'd like to resolve.

You can book a 1-month experience or a 3-month Personal Transformation Program which includes the following PER MONTH:

  • 1 RTT hypnosis session

  • 1 personalized hypnosis recording for you to listen to for 21 days

  • 1 90min coaching session 

  • light email support as needed

Schedule Your Session

*If you don't see a time + day that works for you, please message me on the Contact page with your availability.
*I only make a few weeks available into the future
**If you have any questions, you can schedule a free 15min phone consult on the Contact page.

This 1-Month RTT Hypnosis experience includes:

  • 1  RTT hypnosis session

  • 1  20 minute follow up coaching session 3 weeks later

  • 1  personalized hypnosis recording to listen to for 21 days

  • light email support as needed  


The power of RTT and Coaching is the best combination

that produces the most extraordinary results.

Marisa Peer in her best interview, talking about her approach to rapid healing, how the mind works, how to gain power in your life, and so much more. 

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