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Powerful Intentions Smart Woment Set on 1st dates


It may sound a bit woo-woo to some, but until you try it, setting an intention for your first date can actually save you unnecessary tension, nervousness, and even awkward moments.


Regardless of where you are in the dating process, whether you just want to have fun or are looking for your dream partner to start a family with, intention setting can make dates more magical than they would be otherwise.


Especially on our first date, we can get all caught up in our own heads about how we look, our checklist, if we like him, what he’s thinking of us, and so on. This mental chatter can really get in the way of being present, being connected to reality, and our date – which can result in missing red flags or clues of someone really wonderful before us...  (read more)


New Soul Sister Friendship


My heart is blossoming, unfurling, to reach for the precious sunlight 

of that radiance that is your essence. Wow. I want more. 
As I bathe in your warmth all the snow beneath me melts 
and my roots grow stronger as I drink in that presence that you are. 

The glow of your warmth opens me up in ways I didn’t know I was closed.

I drink in this radiance of you, letting it reach my very soul, 
which responds with “Hooray, what fun, it’s time to play!” 
Another cosmic friend has arrived, 
with a key to awaken a world that otherwise would not be born.


Hallelujah, dear lord of infinite love, thank you for blessing me 
with such a tremendous discovery of more of you in physical form!
I like you. I feel drawn to you. I want to know all of your agents.
I want to dive deep into that ocean of love manifested as her and her and her,
these new shiny sister soul friends radiating the heavens everywhere they go!

I Am a Sentient Being


I am a sentient being. Deep inside I feel so Alive!
In the flow of the breath connected to God/Goddess, 
the Infinite Divine that fills me with the grace of my life. 

I Am Alive. I Am Living. I am breathing each moment in time 
and it is breathing me. 
I Am One with the beauty Life. 
As it pours itself in me and I paint with it marvelous scenes through my eyes. 

Everything is Divine. This is the Truth of my very life. 
When I breathe I am still and I can feel the Truth inside 
shining the path before my eyes.

I can feel that everything I see is inside of me...  

And that's all there is. Good night

Dear Universe


Dear God Goddess Creator, Love intelligence that governs the whole universe,

you are my world, my great love, my everything.

You are above as you are below. You are within as you are without.

You are in the seen and in the unseen.

You are the waters of the sea and the oceans in me.


Without you the sun and moon don't shine to light my world.

Without you the sky would fall and the birds would run out of song.

I feel you in my laughter, I feel you in my peace.

I feel your great presence in my grief and in my dreams.


Wherever I go, wherever I am, there you are too, smiling at me,

loving me, having great compassion for me, guiding my ever breath,

guiding my every step, caring for me as I learn to walk more aware

and awake here on planet Earth.


Your living frequency of love fills my every breath.

I bow to you within me. I bow to you outside of me.

You are my cosmic mother, father, spiritual lover,

Divine maker of me, he, she, and we.

I love you with all my being.


You are all I see. You are all I feel. There is no other.

YOU are the one for me, Divine Spirit,

Love intelligence that governs the Universe.

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